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Service Categories

Marine & Shipping

With certification in aluminum boat building to survey standard we have good sound knowledge of alloy boat building, modifications, and repairs. Ship's bring together almost every aspect of the engineering discipline and they share many similarities to commercial buildings and boilers when it comes to high pressure certified pipe welding, and structural welding.

Steel Construction

For the large commercial buildings we offer a primary steel welding service, and we can tackle the secondary steel supply and install projects, variations, alterations, and seismic strengtheneing to get a existing buildings up to code. We also work closely with some shipping container suppliers and do our own buying and selling of containers also.

Dairy & Refrigeration

Stainless steel welding is an important aspect of our business and we offer our pipe welding services for the fit outs and installs, and our structural steel services for the sheds, or structures to house all the plant and equipment. We offer our services to the large diameter pipes that cannot be crimped, and all the mounting bracketry that goes hand in hand with getting the project across the line.

Heavy Transport & Installations

Any appliance with precious cargo, heavy cargo, or highly repedative loadings requires certified welded structures, bracketry, and even sparkless environments. We have welded up all the components for installations on Escalators and elevators, timber processing plants and bin sorters, heavy conveyer systems, loading ramps, and trench shields.